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Croatia Yacht Charter

Everything you need to know about yacht charter Croatia: Prices, Best Destinations, and Booking Tips!

Croatia has undergone a remarkable transformation into a luxury yacht charter destination over the last decade, and it does not seem to be slowing down!

With a growing infrastructure accommodating larger yachts (the above 150-foot fleet is increasing rapidly), competitive pricing, and a plethora of stunning islands in close proximity, it offers a compelling alternative to destinations like Greece.

A major plus is Croatia’s favorable legislation, which allows for larger groups on charters (more than 12 guests), a rarity within the EU!!

Contact one of our expert brokers for the BEST Croatia yacht charter deals and itineraries touching famous locations like UNESCO World Heritage Site Dubrovnik, Hvar and Mljet, and Kornati National Park.

Our second time chartering a yacht through DMA Yachting and again 5 star service all around! Thank you to Chris who is very easy to deal with and our fabulous crew who helped us make the best memories.❜


It was one of the best vacations of our life. The yacht was perfect, and Captain Thanos, Marianne, and George were exceptional. Nadia Asmus was very helpful with coordinating our arrangements.


Daniel’s communication was outstanding throughout the entire process of our charter – from start to finish. From the initial inquiry to the final days on board, he kept us informed every step of the way.❜


I don’t even know how to start this review! Our experience with the Madinina was above 5 stars….but that was because of ALEX from DMA Yachting.❜


Croatia Yacht Charter Types

Crewed yacht charters in Croatia include, at minimum, a captain and at least 1 stewardess. On a larger motor yacht, the number of crew can be higher than the number of guests (including engineers, bosun, and additional stewardesses)

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Power Catamarans
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Motor Yachts
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Luxury Yachts
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High End Yachts
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Charter Yachts with a Jacuzzi
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Charter Yachts with a Jetski
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Charter Yachts with Multiple Jetskis Onboard
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Croatia Charter Yachts with Scuba Diving Onboard
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How Much Does a Croatia Yacht Charter Cost?

The price of a Croatia yacht charter depends on several factors. There are the obvious ones, such as yacht charter type, size, crew size, and level of luxury, and then there are the less obvious ones, such as tax, APA, fuel (which varies a lot depending on the itinerary and engine fuel consumption), and crew gratuity.

This comprehensive guide breaks down the factors that affect yacht charter prices, typical price ranges, and the importance of understanding any hidden costs you should be aware of.

It also provides tips for budgeting your trip, ensuring you are fully informed and prepared for your charter.

TIP: Chartering during the high season (July and August) is more expensive than in the low season when you can find great deals. Booking in advance or looking for last-minute deals can also affect prices.

2024 Croatia Yacht Charter Market Trends

  • The Charter Fleet Continues to Grow: There’s a growing trend in Croatia towards diversifying the types of yachts available for charter. This includes everything from luxury yachts to traditional gulets and catamarans, which cater to varying preferences and budgets.
  • Becoming a Premier luxury yacht charter location: This transformation has been fueled by significant investments in infrastructure, services, and amenities tailored to the needs of luxury yacht charterers. We now have a Croatian coast full of luxury marinas offering berthing for large vessels! Check out our Croatia Luxury Yacht Charter
  • Year-Round Tourism: Croatia is increasingly being marketed as a year-round destination, which helps stabilize demand across seasons​ – This opens great opportunities for finding great deals out of season!!
  • No. 1 Destination for Large Group Charters: With increasing popularity in event charters, Croatia is becoming well recognized for being the best destination in Europe for large Group Charters – with no limits on guest capacities (in Greece, it is a 12 without a cruise ship license), and many yachts with huge capacity!!

Selecting the Right Crewed Yacht for Your Croatian Charter Vacation

There are quite a few factors to consider when looking for the right Crewed Yacht for your Croatian Yacht Charter Vacations. First and foremost, you have to consider your budget -Sailing yachts and catamarans tend to be significantly cheaper than motor yachts, especially when it comes to fuel consumption which plays a big role on a one-week Croatia yacht charter.

But you also have to pick the right yacht for your needs AND your itinerary; here, things like cruising speed, amenities, cabin layouts, and water toys matter.

Let’s take a closer look at the different yacht types and their advantages or…


Croatia Motor Yacht Charters

For those opting for ultimate luxury and speed, we always recommend chartering a Motor Yacht in Croatia. The Dalmatian Coast is home to Croatia’s largest marina, accommodating large motor yachts and superyachts with ease. Docking at Dalmacija Marina, among many of Croatia’s finest Yachts, is a remarkable experience in itself.

The Croatia Motor Yacht Charters in our catalogs are typically locally owned and often captained by the owner himself or the owner’s son. This is a huge benefit, guaranteeing a top charter experience based on extensive experience and local knowledge.

Top 10 Croatia Luxury Motor Yacht Charters 2024
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Croatia Catamaran Charters

There are several reasons for catamarans’ growing popularity in Croatia, one of which is their benefits in comfortable cruising. Catamarans are stable and graceful on the water and we therefore often recommend them for people who suffer from seasickness.

Their efficient design makes them noticeably faster than most sailing monohulls, and their shallow draft is a significant advantage, allowing for navigating in shallow waters and the option to anchor much closer to the beach.

A Catamaran Croatia also has the advantage of having roomy living quarters making them ideal for corporate team-building events, family charters, or a summer vacation with a group of friends.

Top 10 Croatia Catamaran Charters for Summer 2024/2025
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Croatia Sailing Yacht Charters

If you wish to sail Croatia, you might consider a sailing yacht. Today, modern sailing yachts offer similar amenities to a motor yacht – except for the speed, which is lower, but so is the price! And, of course, it relies more on the wind, which can be both an advantage and a limitation. While motor sailors can achieve an average cruising speed of 15-20 knots, wind-powered sailboats usually cruise at 8-12 knots when the sailing conditions are good.

Croatia has small tides throughout the season—1-2 feet depending on the region, so the deeper draft of a sailing yacht is not an issue.

Based on our experience, large groups or families with kids often prefer the soundless and relaxing sailing experience in the Dalmatian islands.

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Croatia Luxury Yacht Charters

When we talk about luxury yachts here, we refer to larger motor yachts or superyachts with high-end amenities and large crews, often with specialized staff such as fitness instructors, massage therapists, and more.

Think Jacuzzi, Spa rooms, Saunas, onboard Gyms and Cinema rooms, large selections of water toys with one or multiple jet skis, fully stocked bars and dancefloors, and we could go on.

Still, the price range within the luxury yacht Croatia category is quite wide, starting around €50,000 per week and reaching into the millions for a high-end mega yacht.

Luxury Yachts
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Croatia Large Group Charters (12-71 Guests)

If you’re looking for a yacht charter that can accommodate a large group (more than 12 guests), Croatia is the place for you!!

Croatia’s favorable legislation, which allows for larger groups on charters (more than 12 guests), is a rarity within the EU!! -i.e., Greece has a limit of 12 people per charter for all non-cruise ships. And this is the norm.

When it comes to large group yacht charters in Croatia, the options are plentiful. Most charters can accommodate between 12-20 people, but it’s not difficult to find a charter for 30 people, and there are even options for more. For instance, yachts like VARIETY VOYAGER can accommodate a whole 71 guests!

Best Yacht Charters for Large Groups (More than 12 Guests) with Jacuzzi & Jet Skis, 2024
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Where to Go on a Croatia Yacht Charter?

With over 1000 islands and a magnificent coastline packed with historical towns, there is no shortage of wonderful anchorages to be explored. Croatia offers opportunities for a wide range of itineraries suiting all kinds of charter vacations whether it be with family, a partner, or a group of friends.

The country is home to over 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including iconic landmarks such as Dubrovnik’s Old Town, Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the historic city of Trogir, and the more remote islands of the Kornati National Park.

Look through our extensive list of destinations and Croatia yacht charter itineraries for inspiration for your coming Croatia yacht charter, or contact one of our charter brokers for more insights into this amazing charter destination.


Here are some of the MUST-VISIT destinations for a Croatian Yacht Charter, including Hvar, Dubrovnik, Rab, and the Mljet National Park. Each of these destinations offers unique experiences, from the lively nightlife of Hvar to the rich history of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Split offers a great mix of ancient architecture and modern amenities, while the National Parks provide secluded anchorages and stunning landscapes.

Check out our recommended Sailing Itineraries:


Hvar Island, a jewel of the Adriatic Sea, is a sailor’s haven and one of the most popular destinations for Croatia Yacht Charters. Its pristine beauty, crystal-clear bays, and snow-white beaches make Hvar a premier spot.

The town of Hvar is home to some of the Adriatic Sea’s most luxurious beachfront resorts, and the charming baroque-style harbor caters to your every desire—Indulge in exquisite cuisine and fine wines at local restaurants and bars, enjoy bountiful shopping, and immerse yourself in the town’s vibrant nightlife.

The imposing Fortress of Hvar presides over the town, ensuring an unforgettable harbor entry, making your Croatia yacht charter experience truly remarkable.

Hvar is also the gateway to many top Island attractions. No Croatian voyage is truly fulfilled without a small detour to the captivating Blue Cave, easily reachable by small boats. Navigate the waters to the enchanting Pakleni Islands or Jerolim Island, and don’t miss the opportunity to plunge into the crystalline water of the renowned Mlini Beach.

The Amphitheater in Pula seen from above looking down into it.


Discover the allure of Pula, a captivating seafront city nestled at the tip of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula. Renowned for its sheltered harbor, sun-kissed coast adorned with pristine beaches, and vestiges of Roman ruins, Pula offers a rich tapestry of history and natural beauty.

From its prehistoric roots to its strategic significance, which has led to cycles of occupation, destruction, and rebirth, Pula has witnessed the influence of civilizations such as the Romans, Ostrogoths, Venetians, and even the Allied Forces during WWII.

Embark on a yacht charter from Pula to explore this fascinating city and its surrounding wonders. Immerse yourself in the layers of history, from ancient ruins to the remnants of wartime stories. As you sail along the picturesque coast, indulge in the modern luxury of a yacht charter, combining the rich heritage of Pula with the comfort and style of an exclusive maritime adventure.

Tip of Rab Island seen from above, with old town with red roofs and a chuch spire, and two large motor yachts moored along the shore.


Embark on a nautical odyssey to Rab Island, a gem located north of Dalmatia that has captured the hearts of sailors. Renowned for its pristine beaches, this island is a must-visit destination for your Croatia Yacht charter.

As you set sail from the enchanting Dalmatian coast, the allure of Krk, Cres, and Pag islands unfolds before you. These neighboring isles not only offer picturesque sailing spots but also contribute their distinct charm to your yachting adventure.

Krk, known for its diverse landscapes, Cres with its rugged beauty, and Pag, with its unique lunar-like terrain, create a mosaic of experiences for sailors seeking both natural wonders and cultural richness.

Miljet, Croatia

Mljet a Lastovo

Sail to the enchanting Mljet National Park, a pristine oasis where lush green landscapes meet crystal-clear waters. This natural haven, nestled on Mljet island, offers a serene escape for luxury seekers.

Immerse yourself in the park’s scenic beauty, explore its captivating trails, and discover the allure of untouched nature.

Croatia charter yachts offer the freedom to reach remote Islands scattered throughout the Adriatic Sea. Immerse yourself in the magic of these hidden gems as you plot your course through stunning, turquoise waters at your own pace.


Located off the Southern Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik stands as one of the world’s best-preserved medieval walled cities. This UNESCO World Heritage site showcases picturesque white stone buildings set against the azure blue backdrop of the Adriatic Croatian coast.

Notably, Dubrovnik served as a filming location for Game of Thrones from the second season onwards, making it a must-visit for fans of the series.

Dubrovnik, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is a favourite among luxury Yacht Charters, loved for its fine sand beaches and idyllic coves. Its proximity to numerous isles allows you to immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of the Croatian coast and indulge in island hopping during your yacht charter vacation.

Our Recommended Croatia Yacht Charter Itineraries

Over time, we’ve made many connections with yacht owners and crews across Croatia, spanning vessels of various sizes.

This extensive network grants us exclusive insights into Croatia’s hidden treasures – from secret anchorages and pristine beaches to local hotspots and the best sunset spots.

Our constant presence in the yachting scene ensures that we’re always aware of the latest offerings, enabling us to expertly match you with your ideal yacht and crew.

Feel free to reach out to our charter brokers for personalized itineraries tailored to your preferences, incorporating any destinations on your wishlist.

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Our Senior Charter Broker Daniel Asmus Gives a Run Down of our Most Recommended Croatia Yacht Charter Itinerary

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Jun 16, 2024

Alex was outstanding

Alex was outstanding. He was always very responsive to emails and texts with my many questions.

The boat he recommended for my group was perfect.

I would use DMA again.


Malloy Tulsa

Jun 11, 2024

An incredible experience

Very professional, communicated clearly and planned an amazing trip for us. Louis Lamprell did an amazing job connecting us with the unbridled yacht and crew. It was a trip of a lifetime. Our family highly recommends both DMA yachting and the unbridled charter. Everything was perfection!


Dana Terrell

Jun 4, 2024

This was a trip of a lifetime

This was a trip of a lifetime! We booked with Nadja at DMA yachting and she made sure the entire process was easy and no problems. Our charter was with Zuri3 and our Captain Andre and First Mate Jana made our trip amazing! They made sure everything was taken care and treated us like royalty. This is not just a vacation this is an experience of a lifetime.


Ryan Shirley

Feb 9, 2024

Louis was great from beginning to end and walked me through the whole process. He helped me find a great boat that fit within our time and cost preferences. He explained the differences between the different builds and the pros and cons. Once we selected the boat, he explained and walked me through the whole booking process and answered all my questions. Finally, he checked in with me before, during, and after the charter to make sure everything met our expectations. I can’t recommend Louis enough if you are planning a charter, and I will definitely be in touch for our next trip!

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