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Makarska is a charter location in Split – Tucepi to Tribunj, a yacht charter area in Croatia.

The anchorages on Makarska:


The thriving port and tourist town of Makarska is situated in the middle of the Makarska Riviera, nestling at the foot of the Biokova mountain range. Makarska’s historic centre and the town square are beautiful, the town has every tourist facility you could ask for, and the surrounding area is rich in culture and heritage.


The port’s natural harbour has recently been upgraded by the addition of a white wall that runs from SE of the entrance towards the NW.

As you approach, the town and entrance to the harbour are visible. At night, there is a large light NW of Poluotok Sv Petar, and a well-lit aerial dish on Rt. Osejava also helps to locate the town. However, take care as the breakwater is not illuminated so it can be hard to spot.

Where to Anchor

Tie up along the quay, or go bow/stern. Avoid the area where ferries berth, in the north of the harbour. Usually, the pier is occupied by tripper boats, but they leave in the evening, or it may be possible to find a space at the yacht club.

If not, anchor at 5m, in mud.

An alternative is to anchor in UvalaDonja Luka, N of Poluotok Sv. Petar.  It is shallower here, with good holding in sand and shingle. The downside is that it is exposed to swells from NW, W, or SW.

Makarska, photo by: The4_seasons_ (Source: Instagram)

General Information

Water and electricity are available on the quay and the pier. There is a fuel berth for petrol and diesel, open from 07:00-21:00 in July and August. At other times of the year, opening hours are reduced in the afternoons and evenings- and it closes at noon on Sundays.

Makarska has a good variety of shops and supermarkets for stocking up on provisions, as well as plenty of options for tourist souvenirs, etc. Makarska is quite an artistic centre, and there are lots of small galleries showing original works by local artists.

You will also find banks, ATMs, a hospital, medical centre, pharmacy, dentist, and veterinary practice.

If you want to explore the local area, there’s a bus service, car hire, taxi service, and ferries to take you to Brat and Hvar.

Makarska, Photo by: Farbverknallt (Source: Instagram)

History and Culture

Makskara’s history predates the Romans. Over the centuries it has been ruled by the Turks,  Venetians, Austrians, and the French. It survived the bombing in WW2 and suffered a major earthquake in 1962. With a population of around 13000, over recent years, the town has transformed itself into the thriving tourist centre we see today.


Makarska Beach

With a 10 minute walk from the old town, to Dona Luka Bay, you will find Makarska beach. Its 1500m of fine pebbles make it, understandably, one of the most popular of the Riviera’s beautiful beaches. Enjoy the cool shade provided by the countless pine trees along the promenade, or chill in any of the countless beach bars, cafes, and restaurants. There are lots of family-friendly sports activities, such as pedalos and banana boats – even a water park! Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire.

Nugal Beach

Halfway between Makarska and Tucepi, is Nugal, a lovely and secluded nudist beach, reachable only by boat, or on foot through a pine forest.

Makarska, Photo by: Ariana_pindzo (Source: Instagram)

Places of Interest

Franciscan Monastery

You have to experience this quirky museum dedicated to shells and snails. Situated on the east side of the harbour. The German owner will be pleased to show you around. It is forbidden to use your phone inside the museum, so be prepared to go offline for the duration of your visit. Do not miss the beautiful mosaics in the chapel next door.

Makarska Astronomical Observatory

Between 9 and 11 pm each night, this wonderful small observatory in the centre of town offers a fantastic glimpse into the wonders of the universe. Kids will love it, and there is plenty for adults to marvel at, too. Numbers are limited, so go early to be sure of your place. There is a playground right next door.

Open-air theatre

In the summer season, there is a chance to experience open-air theatre performances as well as concerts and recitals.

Makarska Observatory, Photo by: Elenaccia (Source: Instagram)

Where to Eat


Rated #1 in Makarska on TripAdvisor, this restaurant seems to earn rave reviews for everything – the warm welcome from the owner, the perfectly prepared seafood, the cocktails, the wine, the atmosphere – you name it! Customers come back year after year, which says it all. Try their mussels, or tuna, Croatian-style.

Hrpina, Makarska, Photo by: Annmariej77 (Source: Instagram)


Located north of the harbour, this inexpensive restaurant offers great value and tasty food, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian choices. Try their grilled squid or fried octopus, or the Croatian kebab, with cevapcic (Local sausages).  Kids will love the delectable pizzas.  Friendly service and a great atmosphere make this a perfect choice for an informal lunch or dinner.

Bounty Steakhouse and Restaurant

We have chosen this elegant place because it is almost on the beach and has the most amazing sea views. As well as serving fresh fish and seafood (of course), and amazing steaks, they are also famous for their burgers! Expect friendly and professional service and a relaxed atmosphere.

Makarska, Photo by: YYeehhoooonn (Source: Instagram)

Places to Stay

Heritage Hotel Porin

An intriguing combination of ultra-modern amenities and a heritage atmosphere, this beautiful, grown-up hotel is perfect if you are looking for an onshore base that combines luxury and convenience. There is no pool here but you can enjoy splashing in nature’s own creation – the sea.

Romana Beach Resort

Right on the beach and within walking distance of the town, the Romana has everything you will need for a family-friendly stay.  There are two pools so you can relax in peace while the kids enjoy splashing around.

Heritage Hotel Porin, Makarska, Photo by: Heritage Hotel Porin (Source: Instagram)

Things to Do

Nature Park Biokovo

For an unforgettable day trip, rent a car and head up the narrow mountain road. Expect to see some wild horses on the way. Reaching the summit at 1750m, you will be rewarded with spectacular views – on clear days you’ll be able to see the coast of Italy!  As the number of visitors is limited, this is a trip best taken out of the peak season.

Into the Club

If you are ready for a clubbing experience that is truly extraordinary, head to the  Deep Makarska disco. It is inside an actual seaside cave, and the blue-lit grotto creates a magical and unforgettable atmosphere.

Nature Park Biokovo, Photo by: visit_makarska (Source: Instagram)

    Yachts available in Makarska


    From €84,750/week
    5 cabins
    87 ft
    10 guests
    Built: 2020



    From €105,000/week
    4 cabins
    152 ft
    Perini Navi
    10 guests
    Refit: 2022
    190 Litres/Hr




    From €160,000/week
    5 cabins
    144 ft
    12 guests
    Built: 2003


    GOOD VIBES ( Leopard 53 PC owner version)

    From €13,500/week
    4 cabins
    53 ft
    6 guests
    Built: 2021


    Scuba Onboard


    From €30,000/week
    4 cabins
    103 ft
    8 guests
    Refit: 2021
    36 Litres/Hr




    From €127,000/week
    7 cabins
    131 ft
    Aegean Build
    16 guests
    Refit: 2020
    180 Litres/Hr




    From €53,000/week
    4 cabins
    69 ft
    Sunreef Yachts
    8 guests
    Built: 2023


    Sunseeker Predator 62 Ena 1

    From €18,000/week
    3 cabins
    64 ft
    6 guests
    Refit: 2022
    260 Litres/Hr


    10 reviews

    ADRIATIC DRAGON (Lagoon 77)

    From €50,200/week
    4 cabins
    76 ft
    8 guests
    Built: 2019


    6 reviews
    Jetskis: 2


    From €72,500/week
    7 cabins
    147 ft
    14 guests
    Built: 2022



    From €28,000/week
    3 cabins
    66 ft
    Princess, UK
    6 guests
    Built: 2022
    350-400 Litres/Hr


    Sessa Fly 42 Noa

    From €9,900/week
    2 cabins
    42 ft
    5 guests
    Built: 2023



    From €25,000/week
    5 cabins
    101 ft
    10 guests
    Refit: 2021
    60 Litres/Hr


    8 reviews

    ADRIATIC TIGER (Lagoon 620)

    From €15,900/week
    5 cabins
    61 ft
    10 guests
    Built: 2018


    Hande Capo Galera

    From €21,600/week
    6 cabins
    104 ft
    Custom built - Bodrum
    12 guests
    Refit: 2021


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